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Lutheran hospital says it needs $1.4 million

Tawfiq Nasser, CEO of Augusta Victoria, a Lutheran World Federation hospital in Jerusalem, said the institution needs more than $200,000 a month in emergency funds to continue medical services.

“Following the recent election victory of Hamas, the Israeli government has withheld from the Palestinian Authority the taxes and revenues it collects on its behalf, and Western governments won’t provide direct aid to a Hamas-led government,” said Lita Brusick Johnson of ELCA Global Mission. “The Palestinian Authority, in turn, lacks funds to pay Augusta Victoria and other organizations with which it contracts to provide basic human services. But desperately sick people can’t wait, and Augusta Victoria continues to serve, although it can’t pay its staff.”

The hospital serves patients regardless of ethnic origin, nationality, gender, religion or political affiliation. For Palestinians, it’s the only specialized center for pediatric dialysis and radiation oncology treatment.

ELCA International Disaster Response sent an initial $100,000.


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