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R. Marshall Stross, 1917-2006

R. Marshall Stross, 88, director of news and information for the Lutheran Church in America, an ELCA predecessor, died March 17 in Manhasset, N.Y.

Stross retired in 1985 after 21 years of service in the LCA Office for Communication. During that time he produced The Church Lives, a 24-minute documentary on Lutherans in North America. He also helped found, produce and expand Davey and Goliath, a children’s TV program.

Stross, a seasoned journalist, journalism professor and racing sailboat skipper, first worked as a church volunteer in 1958, when he led publicity efforts for the biennial convention of the former United Lutheran Church in America. He also worked with a 1962 ULCA committee that merged the publications of four Lutheran churches into The Lutheran magazine of the LCA.


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