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A corner of care

It’s been five years since Tanya and Nelson Amador, members of Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran, Maple Valley, Wash., involved their congregation in a dream to build a soup kitchen in his hometown of San Ramon, Nicaragua. They wanted to provide breakfast for the poor children, but have done much more.

“Each year we traveled to Nicaragua and were touched by the poverty and hunger, especially in the young children,” Tanya Amador said. “God has blessed us with so much in our life that we wanted to make a difference ....”

Today, Corner of Love Ministries stands on main street in San Ramon, bustling with children and church volunteers receiving or providing one service or another. Groups from Shepherd of the Valley visit twice a year, and ground was broken for the latest addition—a dormitory.

In February, 33 Americans and 17 Nicaraguans served there together, including Richard Quinn, a dentist from Maple Valley. Doctors, nurses and lay volunteers also went to three villages offering exams and prescriptions. In each community patients were charged 58 cents and received a bag of toiletries and over-the-counter items. Money collected was returned to the village for improvements.

Shepherd of the Valley was joined by several congregations, including Trinity Lutheran churches of Langley and Lynnwood, Wash.


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