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Changing faith

A dance, a spiral, a walk . How is your faith moving?

Linda is a Lutheran steeped in traditional liturgy. She had recited the communion liturgy countless times. Yet when her father died, some familiar words were fresh and new.

“When we said, ‘With all the faithful of every time and every place,’ during the Great Thanksgiving, I had an aha moment,” she said. “I was so aware I was at the table with all the saints, including my father. I took great comfort in those words, even though I’d said them for years.”

Linda’s faith had changed.

Perhaps you, too, have noticed such a change in your life. Maybe it’s in how you’re praying or it’s a new spirit of forgiveness. Could it be that you have new passion about a justice issue you never before cared about? You’re likely changing or growing in your faith.

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