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Kids send 175 books to Nicaragua

Robert Matthews<BR><BR>Youth from St.
Youth from St. Nicholas Lutheran Church, Huntingtown, Md., show they care by sending Spanish children’s books to La Reyna, Nicaragua.
Last summer, Tricia and Taylor Casto shared details of their mission trip to Nicaragua with Bible school students at their congregation, St. Nicholas Lutheran, Huntingtown, Md. Their talk moved the children to share books with schoolkids in need.

The Castos, who visited the farming community of La Reyna, asked the kids: “Have you ever heard of a school with no books?”

Noting that the community is proud of its new school, Tricia Casto said, “For the first time, 70 preschool through second-grade children can attend school. It functions with some desks, two blackboards, dirt/concrete floors and no electricity. However, they didn’t have any books for the children to read and enjoy.”

In response, St. Nicholas’ children designated their Bible school offerings for Spanish children’s books. That amount was matched by St. Nicholas’ social concerns committee. The total—$1,500—covered the cost of 175 books, plus shipping.

Each book was labeled by the Sunday school children, who sent their love and good wishes, along with a group photograph, to their amigos (friends) in La Reyna.


Wanda Garcia

Wanda Garcia

Posted at 5:30 pm (U.S. Eastern) 9/16/2009


 My name is Wanda and my husband Fred and I are missionaries working along the Texas Border, into Mexico, and also areas of Central America.  It is exciting that your congregation had an outreach that so heavily involved your children.

No doubt you ordered these books in Spanish, where did you order them from?  Our organization and some of our local congregations are also working with a Lutheran Congregation in northern Nicaragua where we have partnered to build a school and are furnishing a library for the community. 

Did you mail the books or deliver them?

Keep up the wonderful outreach.

Wanda Garcia



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