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Budget cuts affect social service agencies

Lutheran health and human service organizations are affected by fiscal 2006 federal budget cuts to Medicare and Medicaid programs. Even deeper cuts have been proposed for 2007.

Lisa Carr, director of public policy for Lutheran Services in America, wrote to The Lutheran:

“LSA’s 300 members deliver more than $8 billion in services to more than 1 out of every 50 people in the U.S. A 2002 survey with a 52 percent response rate found LSA members received $1.4 billion in Medicaid funds. Medicaid funds health services for people with low incomes, including children, seniors and people with developmental disabilities.

“But Medicare and Medicaid made up the largest cuts in fiscal 2006 federal spending (S. 1932, P.L. 109-362). That act allows states to increase Medicaid co-payments and to impose premiums. It also leaves many people living below the federal poverty level with little to no income to meet basic needs.”


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