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There's time to pray

Repeating simple prayers keeps our minds trained on God

There's a story about a man who made one of those resolutions so common this time of year. He vowed that he would do one hour of spiritual practice every day. It wasn't long before he went to his spiritual adviser to admit that he'd failed. He was just so busy! In the morning he had to exercise, read the newspaper and get the kids off to school. He was always pressured at work, and in the evening he had chores or shopping to do. Then he just wanted to relax with his wife and family. He couldn't find an hour for prayer. "What should I do?" he asked his teacher. The reply: "Two hours a day."

Sound impossible? Most of us would have trouble setting aside one or two hours a day for prayer, meditation, spiritual reading or service. But you don't have to resign yourself to another failed New Year's resolution. Instead, you can adapt an ancient faith practice that can be integrated into the daily rounds of your life.

Repeating a simple prayer phrase silently as you go about your regular activities is one such practice.

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