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A 'souper day' for hunger

By presstime Feb. 28, youth nationwide had collected $4 million during the Souper Bowl of Caring. That includes 1,731 Lutheran groups that raised $593,069—and of that number 689 were ELCA, collecting $252,402.

Youth collected funds for hunger on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 5, and reported their totals at www.souperbowl.org (see site for updated totals). All Souper Bowl funds are given to the charity each congregation chooses.

ELCA efforts included skits and service projects. For example, youth at Zion Lutheran Church, Minot, N.D., made a video of hunger in its area and collected $1,000 and 200 nonperishable items. And Zion Lutheran Church, East Petersburg, Pa., emphasized those who hunger for food and the gospel. It gave 70 bags of food to a local pantry and $570 to Forest Lutheran Church, Mbeya, Tanzania, for Bibles.


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