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The taste of wine

In it are healing, blessing and love

The taste of wine, the aroma of candles, the strains of “Lamb of God” remained with me as I walked from the sanctuary. So did images of those in my Christian family with whom I had shared the meal: the teenage brothers whose mother died in an auto accident, the young father who lost his job, the woman who’d been diagnosed with cancer.

Worshiping in a community of faith with those who have Christian love for one another is a source of healing and blessings. Many sorrows can fill the human soul—illness, anxiety, apprehension, grief, disappointments and fear all labor to separate us from our Lord.

When we worship with others, hope comes to replace those sorrows. Sharing our grief with our brothers and sisters in Christ lifts the burdens from our hearts and sets us on our journey back to a life of joy.

They knew where to come, those who ate and drank here today. They came in sorrow and were sent on their way with God’s peace.

The taste of wine will fade, but the love of God that it reveals to us will remain and will sustain us—on through life and into eternity.


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