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A Bible for roughing it

The Outdoor Bible
The Outdoor Bible
Outdoor adventurers looking for direction might consult their compass or global positioning satellite. But those looking for spiritual guidance have relied on standard-issue Bibles. Although perfect for home or pew use, traditional Bibles aren’t well-suited for the outdoors.

“You get into these situations where you’d love to have God’s word, but you don’t bring it with you because it will get ruined,” says Bobby Bardin. He is a founder of Bardin and Marsee Publishing, which introduced The Outdoor Bible as a solution. It’s a 12.8 ounce waterproof, tear-resistant New Testament styled after plastic trail maps. Its six foldable pages fit into a drawstring burlap bag.

The Outdoor Bible is being marketed to youth camps, military personnel, missionaries and adventurers. It’s available at selected Christian bookstores and online at www.theoutdoorbible.com.


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