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Poll: U.S. Latinos are regular churchgoers

Close to half of American Latinos say they attend worship services nearly every week, a percentage slightly higher than that of the general population, the Gallup Poll’s News Service reports.

Some 49 percent of U.S. Latinos say they attend “once a week or almost every week,” while 17 percent attend at least once a month and 32 percent say they seldom or never attend church.

Gallup said those figures compare to 2004 surveys which show that a smaller percentage of Americans in general—44 percent—say they attend services once a week or almost every week, while 10 percent attend at least once a month and 41 percent say they never or seldom attend.

The polling organization also found that 63 percent of Latinos identified themselves as Roman Catholics, while 16 percent said they are Protestant. An additional 10 percent said they are affiliated with other Christian faiths and 6 percent claimed no religious affiliation.


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