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Audrey Tautou and Tom Hanks star in
Audrey Tautou and Tom Hanks star in Columbia Pictures’ suspense thriller The Da Vinci Code, which is based on the best-selling novel by Dan Brown.
Anticipating the release of The DaVinci Code movie on May 19, an Episcopal seminary near Milwaukee is offering a course based on the novel by Dan Brown.

Timothy Johnson, a professor at Nashotah House, says he developed the course because “there are several areas that are covered in The DaVinci Code—biblical, historical and theological.” The course, he says, also attempts to answer the question: “How can we prepare our clergy to be in a position to respond to what is going to be an onslaught of attention, given the storyline?”

The novel has caused controversy for “playing fast and loose with the authority of Scripture and the divinity of Christ,” he says.

The course engages issues in the novel with an “OK, we’ll play” attitude, Johnson says, and provides a Christian response about Scripture and how it emerged. “There’s no question that, in a sense, Dan Brown has done us a favor because he has brought culture and theology together,” Johnson says.

The course will bring in lecturers from Marquette University, Mount Mary College, both in Milwaukee, and Wheaton [Ill.] College, as well as a representative of the Roman Catholic Opus Dei religious order. See www.nashotah.edu for more information.


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