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Six years ago, I applied for the position of editor of The Lutheran. I prepared writing and editing samples with care and brushed up on the latest religion news in anticipation of interview questions. I left the meeting with the magazine’s advisory committee with a confidence rarely experienced.

Then the selection news came. I counted not being chosen editor as a major lost career opportunity, one I didn’t think would present itself again.

When news of David Miller’s departure as editor came this summer, I hesitated—a little. Would it be worth the risk of further anticipation only to end again in disappointment? The challenge, the excitement, the responsibility of editing The Lutheran was too much for this cradle Lutheran, who takes the priesthood of all believers seriously, to resist.

So here I am. As a journalist (newspapers) most of my adult life with a brief stint in public affairs for the federal judiciary, I’m “at home” in the magazine’s newsroom on Higgins Road.

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