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Lutheran group to network affordable housing efforts

Lutheran Services in America is creating a network for Lutheran congregations, individuals and groups involved in affordable housing. LSA President Jill Schumann said there hasn’t been a central place to learn “who is doing what where.”

LSA is tackling the first step: a survey of all social ministry organizations and congregations, leading to a database of Lutheran providers of affordable housing.

Janet Ulrich, LSA project manager, said the survey will include the struggles and what makes a project successful. It will also ask for the names of experts, advocates and other “movers and shakers.”

Two-thirds of LSA’s nearly 300-member organizations provide some type of housing. Ulrich said the initial survey results showed that most groups found starting a housing project to be “daunting. ... Having a Lutheran housing network of experienced colleagues and resources to rely on could help more organizations not feel so isolated during the startup of a new program.”

Schumann said a steering committee will mobilize “expertise, assets and models,” and lead conversations about financing, housing and urban development, and growing affordable housing.

To learn how you can help, contact Ulrich at (410) 230-2841; julrich@lutheranservices.org.


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