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$21 million in 84,000 gifts (not donors) from ELCA members and others—including just over $1 million from Thrivent—for Gulf Coast hurricane relief and reconstruction came to ELCA Domestic Disaster Response and Lutheran Disaster Response­ by Dec. 12, 2005.

An additional $6 million to hire case managers to work with individual families who respond to evacuees, came to LDR from NOVAD/United Methodist Committee on Relief federal funds.

Roughly $10 million was to be distributed as of January for relief, including housing vouchers, employment counseling, food, bus tokens, LDR respite retreats for caregivers, volunteer coordination and more. Of that $10 million, $5 million went to 18 Lutheran-affiliated social ministry organizations to work with evacuees and their families in 22 states.

$10 million over the next 20 months will fund building materials, construction experts and caseworkers as LDR helps rebuild homes. Homes are selected by “local long-term recovery committees who give highest priority to people who are uninsured or underinsured, elderly or disabled,” said Heather Feltman, director of LDR. “And LDR will be there for many months and years to come.”

Source: Lutheran Disaster Response


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