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A prayer for the holy days of winter

Note: This is a special Christmas edition of The Lutheran's e-newsletter.

O God of Light and Love and Life, we pause on this day to acknowledge the enduring mysteries of your presence in our lives. We thank you for the season of winter and for the natural wonders of snow and ice and cold wind. In these times when we pray for shelter and warmth, we also pray for peace on Earth and good will to one another. In every season, teach us to value and cherish and work for these things.

As our community is drawn to the story of Jesus and the traditions surrounding his birth, we thank you for the bigness of this story and for the faith that it inspires. Thank you also for the challenges that his nativity places before us to remember the poor, the homeless, the refugees, the vulnerable, and all those who are so easily left out and left behind. Help us to see that all of this belongs to this season of wonder.

There are other stories, as well, that are told in these days. Thank you for everything we will encounter that reminds us of your faithfulness. Whether we are fasting or feasting, lighting candles or serving food to strangers, surrounded by loved ones or wrestling with the angels that visit us in our solitude, give us hope. Give us reasons each day to celebrate your love, in every season, in every challenge, in every gift that we receive.

This we pray in your holy name. Amen.

The staff of The Lutheran wishes you a Merry Christmas

Look for short updates from The Lutheran on Dec. 27 and Jan. 3.

Our full e-newsletter will resume Jan. 10.


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