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Ecumenism: Life together

Six years after full communion, Lutherans and Episcopalians share a common mission

Candlelight outside Christ Episcopal Church on a dark November evening signaled the remembrance of Kristallnacht, observed annually with Trinity Lutheran and three synagogues in Reading, Pa.

Through readings, music and prayer, the service recalled the “Night of Broken Glass” in 1938 when mobs and Nazi storm troopers began their assault on the Jews of Germany and Austria. Kristallnacht participants gathered “to remember that which must never be repeated,” hallowing the memories of those who lost their lives in the Holocaust.

The service is one example of how Episcopalians and Lutherans have cooperated since the approval of Called to Common Mission by the ELCA in 1999 and the Episcopal Church in 2000. The agreement puts the two U.S. churches in a “full communion” relationship, which allows for joint ministry and the sharing of clergy.

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