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Lending a hand

Youth get into the spirit of giving

When it comes to helping others, some projects are favorites for ELCA kids.

• ELCA World Hunger Appeal: Through Stand With Africa, the appeal assists communities and churches in Africa to overcome HIV/AIDS, banish hunger and build peace (www.elca.org/hunger/swa.html). To help this program, students at Augustana Lutheran Church, Andover, Ill., contributed their Sunday school offerings to buy an animal for someone in need. The church also held an all-church party, with Thrivent Financial for Lutherans providing matching funds. They sent $1,456 to the appeal.

• Habitat for Humanity (www.habitat.org): Through the “Youth Build Billings” program, children raise money for a Habitat house. Youth at First English Lutheran Church, Billings, Mont., hoped to raise $150 to buy the exterior paint for a Habitat house. They built and decorated birdhouses. At an auction, their birdhouses raised $1,085, with Thrivent adding $800.

“Youth Build Billings” made a scrapbook for the new homeowners. First English’s contribution included pages with pictures of their birdhouses and their signatures.

• Heifer Project International: This group provides livestock and training to help poor families (www.heifer.org). Youth from Grace Lutheran Church, Oak Ridge, Tenn., collected more than $5,000 in two banks shaped like wooden arks. The youth made a banner to chart their progress. As money was collected, the animals on the banner moved into an ark.

Youth at Emanuel Lutheran Church, Friesburg, N.J., sent their Bible school offerings of $500 to buy a cow through Heifer. At the closing campfire, participants put lit candles around a cross on a barge and sent it out onto the lake behind the church. They promised to “send the light of Christ out, not only in our area but with our cow into some faraway hungry village of God’s choosing.”


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