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Window to the past

Editor's note: This article previously featured a photo. It has been removed to comply with the terms of our agreement with the photographer.

Elizabeth Ekdale and Christian Jennert, pastors of St. Mark Lutheran Church, San Francisco, uncover papers from a time capsule sealed in 1863. Inside a copper strongbox found this summer during renovation of the church were newspapers, a hymnal, a catechism, church documents and a silver half dollar. St. Mark was founded in 1849 and is known to be the third* oldest Lutheran congregation west of the Mississippi River. The time capsule is more than just an interesting piece of San Francisco’s history, said Barbara Engmann, St. Mark’s president. “This capsule is from the congregation’s past,” she said. “This is their hope and their faith for the future.”

* An earlier version of this article incorrectly attributed St. Mark as the oldest Lutheran church west of the Mississippi River.


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