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Christians share a common fare with a hungry world

You are what you eat. So say the health professionals, and they worry that we eat well. Of course, these food gurus disagree on what it means to eat well: high carbohydrates or high protein, fish or fowl, red meat or white or none? Nationally we wage a war against obesity, while at home we eye the bathroom scale with suspicion, certain it will betray us. Judging from the plethora of books prescribing menus for health, we live like a people justified by diet—in a world where people are starving.

Christians share a common fare. Across the centuries and around the world, we feed on a common word and gather around a common table. If the Lord’s Supper were about eating, we would march up to the altar and help ourselves—but Christ’s meal is about sharing food. We feed one another, as Christ fed us. His living word, his body and blood nourish us, feeding every fiber of our being. We, too, become what we eat: Christ’s body in the world. So satisfied, we are sent into the world to feed people who are starving.

In my household, the meal is over when the plates are clean. The rule is similar in the household of faith. The meal is over when that last hungry child is fed.

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