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The 2005 Churchwide Assembly approved action to “welcome and encourage task forces to empower this church in its engagement with refugee andimmigrant issues” and mandated strengthening the church’s work with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (www.lirs.org). In 2004:

9,304 refugees from the former Soviet Union, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Somalia, Burma and other countries were resettled through LIRS’ network of 26 affiliates and 20 suboffices.

2,630 children, 1,621 torture survivors and 8,987 detainees were served by LIRS’ asylum and immigration network, which offers legal advice and services.

72 children—24 unaccompanied, 8 who won asylum, 4 victims of trafficking and 36 refugees—were welcomed by LIRS’ foster care network.

Source: LIRS 2004 annual report


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