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Update: Post-Katrina
Help comes in buckets ...

And brooms, dustpans, sponges, all-purpose cleaners, and dish and laundry detergents. About 2,000 more of each of these items will be needed per week for all of 2006 in Louisiana, according to Federal Emergency Management Agency estimates.

Packaged in kits, the supplies go to families who have been displaced and are living in temporary housing. “They’re the hot item,” says Robin McCullough-Bade, interim pastor of Lutheran Church of Our Saviour, Baton Rouge, La. “[The kits] have what everybody needs.”

Five people from the congregation gather every Tuesday to assemble 100 kits. That’s how many can work in the small warehouse that member Brooks Roy has turned over for the project, McCullough-Bade says. “He’s a real wheeler-dealer,” she adds, “who gets the supplies at cost.” That’s $15.

“We’re a small congregation. We can’t meet this need alone,” McCullough-Bade says, “but we are the brains of this operation. We are a Lutheran presence in recovery at the grass-roots level, doing something that helps people live their daily lives.”

The pastor hopes to get other groups assembling the “Living Kits,” which will be distributed through a multiagency warehouse in New Iberia, La. To contribute, send checks to: Texas-Louisana Gulf Coast Synod, 12707 N. Freeway, Suite 580, Houston, TX 77060-1239.


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