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Update: 'Handbook' goes ecumenical

Turns out that Lutherans really turned on to The Lutheran Handbook, with more than 100,000 copies sold since its release earlier this year by Augsburg Fortress, Publishers (www.augsburgfortress.org; 800-328-4648). Readers enjoy the mix of faith essentials, including a contemporary translation of Luther’s Small Catechism, and lighter entries, such as “How to stay alert in church,” which advises, “If all else fails, consider pinching yourself.”

“Humor has an almost miraculous effect when it comes to teaching solid Christian principles and beliefs,” said Brad Gray of the publisher’s sales staff about the popularity of the handbook.

An ecumenical version, The Christian Handbook (available from Augsburg Fortress, Publishers), now is available. The familiar Christian fish symbol marks the red cover. In addition to core text from the original handbook, new material of interest to all Christians is included. Especially important, as Christmas approaches, are the tips on “How to identify an angel.”


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