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A 'vacancy' sign to howl about

Briarwood Retreat Center, an ELCA outdoor ministries site in Argyle, Texas, didn’t turn away any dogs that came with Hurricane Katrina evacuees who stayed there, said Kathy Naish, operations manager. At presstime, two dogs remained, including a cocker spaniel who’d been so sick it needed a blood transfusion. The dog received blood from a staff member’s Great Dane named Capo—shown above with Henry Howe (left), hurricane operations director; Jay Walls, Briarwood program director; Naish; Crystal Bonnell, registrar; and Jim Varnum, hurricane volunteer coordinator. All dogs who stayed received shots, heartworm and flea medications, and they were groomed.

“When you hear the stories of the evacuees who had to leave their pets and see their tears when they tell you how much their pets are missed and loved, how could anyone turn the pets away?” Naish asked.


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