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'What can I do?'

A report from the hotline

After answering 332 phone calls to the ELCA Disaster Response Volunteer Hotline, I’ve talked with some of the most persistent, passionate and creative people—people of God offering gifts and talents. The line is being used by Lutherans and others who have seen the phone number (800-638-3522, Ext. 2298) in local papers or found it by “googling” for disaster sites.

The lines blur between differences of all kinds as we cope with the devastations from Hurricane Katrina ... and later, sisters Rita and Wilma.

Besides money and food, the long list of things finding their way to the Gulf Coast includes bicycles, backpacks, Bibles, children’s books, musical instruments, prayers, trucks and campers loaded with equipment for clearing and rebuilding, and—above all—people of all sorts, ages, faiths, gifts and walks of life.

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