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Science and sacrament

The message proclaimed from the pulpit is the word through which God creates the universe. Theologians have called human activities like genetic engineering "co-creation." Indeed, science enables us to change the world, and what we do with it can be part of God's will for creation.

But a person called to preach the gospel is even more a "co-creator" whose task is to proclaim the message of God's Incarnate Word for the creation.

Science studies the materials of the world. In the sacraments, God uses that same matter to be present for us in saving ways. In baptism, the water essential for life becomes, by God's promise, the means of new life. Technology is part of the eucharist: God uses not just grain and grapes but those fruits of the earth with human thought and labor added, bread and wine. God's presence in the sacraments blesses the material world and human technology.


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