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What would it be ...

If the Year of Sundays were just one
Day, Advent would be the gray part of the morning
When you think maybe there will be no sunrise
This morning, maybe it’ll be just one of those
Unlit days, and suddenly one flame of fire
Splits the sky.

If the Year of Sundays were just one
Person’s life, Advent would be the
Time at the end of a woman’s first
Pregnancy. She waits with sore back
And weary feet. And suddenly the
Birth pangs begin.

If the Year of Sundays were just one
Book, Advent would be the book
of Genesis—the first chapter, the
First phrase, the first words: In the
Beginning God created … then a
Moment of breathlessness—What did
God create? And suddenly we hear it
Thundered, “the Heavens and the Earth.”

If the Year of Sundays were just one
Worship service, Advent would be that
Moment of silence that follows the prelude
At the beginning of the hour, a
Remembrance of why we are here and
Who called us to be together. And suddenly
Our hearts are opened: “Savior come!”


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