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Letters to editor are a mixed bag

Topics were all over the board

For some time now I’ve been disappointed in The Lutheran. But the October edition was a pleasant and joyful experience. The Churchwide Assembly coverage was solid (page 12). “Sermons in Sound” (page 24 in the print edition) makes me want to get and read Evening in the Palace of Reason. “Read the Bible with Martin Luther” (page 26 in the print edition) also restored some of the theological emphasis that’s been missing for a time. The piece on the Wartburg Chapel in New York (page 44 in the print edition) was tastefully done. I don’t usually write to editors but felt compelled this time to say thanks and beseech you to keep up the good work.

E. Werner Weinreich
Tonawanda, N.Y.

The October issue’s coverage of the Churchwide Assembly had absolutely no acknowledgment of the youth. I was a participant at the Young Adult Convocation during the assembly and am ashamed to see no one wrote about that or the Youth Convocation that also took place during assembly. To those readers who are interested visit www.elca.org/youngadults/convo-05.html or www.thelutheran.org/feature/september. We are the today of the church, not just the tomorrow.

Elyse Martin
Rochester, Mich.

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