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An overwhelming reality

Traveling with Tanzanian Lutheran colleagues, college educators learn about HIV/AIDS

Kangas were draped over clotheslines when we visited the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center near Moshi, Tanzania. Traditional, brightly colored, patterned cloths, kangas have Kiswahili sayings printed around the borders­, such as Akiba haiozi (“savings never go bad”) or Dunia duara (“the earth is round”), meaning that no matter where you go, you’llalways return to the same place.

They were a vibrant reminder of the people within, fashioning prosthetics, performing cataract surgeries, treating patients for malaria or pneumonia, and ministering to people infected with HIV/AIDS.

The center is in the midst of overwhelming work. The first AIDS cases were diagnosed in Tanzania in 1983; 20 years later more than 176,000 cases were reported. But D.F. Mosha, the center’s director of research and consultancies, says “only one-in-14 AIDS cases are reported.”

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