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Plan B for retirement

A couple decide to risk prudent planning and set out on a journey of faith

My wife, Lynn, and I have had a simple preretirement plan for quite awhile. With pension plans and Social Security, we would “secure” our golden years by working until at least age 65. Our reading on retirement planning suggested this was the only way we could set aside “enough” for a comfortable lifestyle. Is our Plan A anything like yours?

We’ve each enjoyed careers where we’ve been able to use our God-given talents. Lynn, a hospice nurse, has a treasury of thanksgiving notes from families she has advised during end-of-life journeys. I’ve chased deadlines for 38 years, most recently as communications director for the Lutheran Seminary at Philadelphia.

My understanding of faith has always persuaded me to make full use of God’s gifts. So, over the years, lay leadership in a congregation and volunteering have been second nature. I’ve taught Sunday school, served councils in four churches, been part of several call committees, and served boards connected with the church and in communities where I’ve lived.

But a couple of years ago I realized I was beginning to feel tired.

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