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It began with Bible study ...

and changed my life

It happens to lots of young adults. I had drifted away from the Lutheran church since my confirmation day. Then one day I received an invitation to a Bible study at the Lutheran Campus Ministry at Kansas State University in Manhattan.

I was intrigued ....

As an undergraduate student I was encouraged to go to LCM. But I was “too cool” for those church people. So I never went. As a graduate student, however, I began coming to my own self-understanding as a sexual-minority Lutheran. I began to take my spiritual life more seriously. Having just “come out” to my parents, I wanted to learn more about the Bible. The ELCA study on sexuality, Journey Together Faithfully, looked like a good bet.

I didn’t know what to expect. I thought campus ministry would be just like the congregation in which I grew up—conservative and not overly welcoming of people struggling with their sexual orientation. Imagine my delight in being fully welcomed in this diverse community of students and young adults who have become my dear friends.

Our former campus pastor, Jayne Thompson, journeyed with us faithfully, guiding us through the Bible study and conversations. Through our lively discussions, prayer and wrestling with Scripture, I experienced a transition from being a tentative Christian to fully celebrating my life as a child of God.

Campus ministry has given me the wonderful gift of becoming happier and more engaged as a Lutheran. Out of this I have become more engaged with the church and with my vocational goals as an engineer. Now I worship on Sunday mornings with my parents at my home congregation and attend campus worship on Sunday evenings. I’m active in Lutheran Campus Ministry and serve on its local board. I was honored to serve as a voting member of the 2005 Churchwide Assembly in Orlando, Fla.

My experience through campus ministry has been life-altering. It has changed my life in the best possible way. Now for the first time in my life, I look forward to attending worship and other spiritual activities. What began with a Bible study deepened my faith and my walk with Christ.


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