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Instead of a partridge in a pear tree

Consider giving your true love ... a pig. It will cost you $30, through the ELCA Good Gifts program (www.elca.org/goodgifts or 800-638-3522). And it can help a family in Haiti break out of a cycle of poverty. You’ll find other animals in the global barnyard for every budget and everyone on your Christmas list, from $5 for a pair of rabbits to $500 for a cow. Or give a motorcycle ($5,500) to speed up international disaster response or one week of pay ($85) for a counselor at a multicultural day camp.

Other places to shop for givers who want to bring joy to those in need are:

• ELCA World Hunger Appeale-cards, which guarantee a “perfect fit for someone with a big heart” (www.elca.org/ecards/ or 800-638-3522, Ext. 2764).

• “Buy me nothing. I’ll still love you” coupons, just one of dozens of suggestions in Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway? Ideas for a Christ-Centered Holiday (www.SimpleLiving.org or 800-821-6153).

• Stained-glass peace doves, olive wood Nativity sets and Palestinian embroidery work made at the International Center of Bethlehem (www.annadwa.org/cave/giftshop.htm).

• Toys, jewelry, picture frames and other treasures—many made from recycled materials—crafted by people in developing nations available in many states at Ten Thousand Villages stores (www.tenthousandvillages.com/home.php).


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