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A dozen ways to care for your pastor

Suggestions from pastors:

1. Invite me to your home for dinner, especially if I’m single or it’s a holiday.

2. Make up a plate of food from the potluck for me to take home.

3. Find someone to clear my parsonage walk of snow and dig out my car (from an older pastor).

4. I don’t have a green thumb, so help me with the parsonage garden.

5. Offer baby-sitting for special occasions or just so I can have a night out with my spouse.

6. Videotape special occasions (programs, parties, etc) and give me a tape.

7. After surgery, members saw that I had comfort foods and a collection of videos as long as needed.

8. Children at my church are great about making drawings and other crafts for me. Their teacher often sends a plate up to my office when they have a special snack.

9. Send a card or give a personal greeting on a birthday, wedding or other anniversary.

10. A couple tithed their Christmas bonus and gave it to the pastor and staff as a Christmas gift. Congregations also take up a special collection and present the monetary gift publicly with thanks.

11. One congregation created a “care package” of snacks, travel games and chain restaurant coupons and gave it to the pastor and family the Sunday before a long trip.

12. If you have a cabin or beach house, offer its use for some time away or invite the pastor to join you for golf, fishing, local sporting events, a concert or play. Don’t give up after an initial “no.”


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