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ELCA health-care changes ahead

The ELCA Board of Pensions trustees approved a 2006-2008 strategic plan that tries to contain plan costs, improve the healthy behaviors of members, and maintain sponsor and member satisfaction.

John Kapanke, board president, said this plan transforms the Board of Pensions from “faithful to your transaction” to “faithful to yourwell-being.”

At their Aug. 3-5 meeting in Minneapolis, the trustees approved changes for the health plan. Plan sponsors can expect an average rate increase of 9 percent for active members for next year. And members can anticipate a few changes for 2006 as the board achieves an 80/20 percent sharing of health costs between sponsors and members.

The board hopes to expand member resources continuing withdisease-management programs and a potential “nurseline” in 2006.

The annual deductible will decrease and office visit co-payments will be eliminated. Members will be expected to pay 15 percent of their medical costs after meeting their annual deductible.

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