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This month we pulled Circles of Hope off the bookshelf, a delightful story of faith, determination and love that is appropriate for ages 4 and older.

Karen Lynn Williams weaves a heartfelt story of a Haitian boy who wants to find the right gift for his new sister. Facile decides to carry on a Haitian tradition of planting a mango tree, but he comes up against obstacles. He doesn’t give up hope and eventually finds a way to protect his tree from the elements. Young readers will learn about life in the mountains of Haiti and discover that it’s important to keep hope in one’s heart.

A nice addition to the book is an explanation of this Haitian tree-planting custom and a glossary of Creole words that are used in the story.

Add in the terrific artwork, and this is a book worth sharing. Bright, vivid colors enhance, but don’t overwhelm, the story. With a brilliant purple, orange, red, green, gold and yellow color scheme, the simple and pleasant characters come alive in the artwork.

Order from Eerdmans at www.eerdmans.com; (800) 253-7521.


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