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What's all the hubbub?

'How to Stay Alert in Church' and other good advice

Who wrote The Lutheran Handbook that seems to be popular? Is it a genuine reflection of Lutheran theology and practice? It’s full of humor. Can you joke about Jesus and the church?

It is published by Augsburg Fortress, Publishers ("Lutherans in a (very funny) nutshell," June, page 9 in the print edition). Those who I know on the crew that wrote this have impeccable credentials.

The book’s description is: “Following Jesus is hard enough without having to navigate the rocky terrain of church culture all by yourself. The Lutheran Handbook is the indispensable companion for anyone trying to become a well-informed churchgoer and have a good chuckle getting there. Timeless theological truths stand alongside everyday faith situations that everyone meets, sooner or later, with step-by-step instructions that make the going easy.”

The book has serious topics like “How to Become a Theologian of the Cross” and silly stuff like “How to Respond When Someone Sits in Your Pew,” plus information on Martin Luther and the Reformation, other church bodies and studying Scripture.

Weissenbuehler's answer continues. He also answers: "How can I answer my young son's question, 'What is the Holy Spirit?'"

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