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Hugs all around

Megan Buskager (left) comforts her mother, Sharie, with a hug during a worship service after a tornado hit Stoughton, Wis., Aug. 18.

When Lyndell Fuhrmeister found old confirmation photos while sifting through belongings in her tornado-damaged home, she set them aside for her church. And her church would surely need them. Fire had destroyed the sanctuary, gymnasium and school of Christ Lutheran Church, Stoughton, 48 hours earlier. When a neighbor asked what she needed, Fuhrmeister responded: “Just more hugs.”

And there were plenty on Sunday, when people packed the church parking lot to worship,reports Capitol Newspapers, Madison, Wis. “Let this crisis be a birth of opportunity,” Scott Geister-Jones, a pastor of Christ, said during worship.

Five parishioners also lost their homes in the tornado.

Lutheran Disaster Relief is working with Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan to help victims in south-central Wisconsin, where hundreds of homes and one life were lost.


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