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Churchwide Assembly: More memorials than before

Synod assemblies sent 196 memorials to the 2005 Churchwide Assembly—120 more than in 2003—reported Dee Pederson and Karl Anderson, co-chairs of the Memorials Committee. Memorials are resolutions seeking specific action. The committee combined those with similar intent.

The assembly adopted memorials including:

• World Hunger—combining 17 synods’ memorials, the resolution called on the ELCA “to confront the scandal of hunger in this world as a core dimension of living out the Christian faith” and “to recommit this church to the goals of the ELCA World Hunger Appeal and Program through increased resolve and renewed engagement.” It called for each of the 65 synods to make ending hunger central to its ministry and mission.

• Bioethical research—called for development of a social statement that addresses theological, ethical, public and pastoral challenges arising from developments in genetics for possible consideration by the 2011 Churchwide Assembly.

• Refugees, asylum-seekers and immigrants—encouraged task forces to “empower this church in engagement with refugee and immigrant issues” and mandated strengthening work with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, Baltimore. Also called on the U.S. Congress “to end immediately the detention and imprisonment of non-criminal asylum-seekers and undocumented laborers.”

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