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Churchwide Assembly: Red book gets the green light

After voting down three amendments to delay the Renewing Worship project, a new red worship book and otherresources yet to unfold were approved by the assembly 740-252 .

The process that began in 2001 and involved thousands of people was tested for more than an hour as a parade of people questioned everything from expanded language for God to whether publishing such a book would send Augsburg Fortress, Publishers, into bankruptcy.

An amendment to stall approval until 2009 failed 264-719. Supporters wanted an expanded circle of people to study the resources.

Karl Moyer, Lower Susquehanna Synod, said, “The need for speed is not so great as the need for care.”

Robert Benne, Virginia Synod, said he sensed there had been an “intent to snip, prune, hunt down any masculine pronouns for God.”

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