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Churchwide Assembly: 60 minutes of questions, concerns

The day before the vote on the sexuality recommendations, 31 voting members raised their questions and concerns—but more than that number remained standing at the microphones the end of the hour allotted.

Most of those who did speak, each for two minutes, brought up biblical and theological concerns.

Here are several comments:

• Kara Felde, Indiana-Kentucky Synod: “I believe God loves all of us, but also what Scripture says—homosexual behavior is a sin.”

• David Glesne, Minneapolis Area Synod: “The crux is there is no biblical basis for change.”

• Frank Petrovic, Metropolitan Chicago Synod: “We can all choose passages [from Leviticus]. ... ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself’—now there’s a verse to quote!”

• Robert Benne, Virginia Synod: I suggest this is a tectonic change that reaches back to 2,000 years of Christian teaching.”

• Keith Forni, Northern Illinois Synod: “Churches in the global south have strongly urged us to adhere to tradition. Their stop sign is matched by most communities of color here.”

• James Boline, Southwest California Synod: “I incarnate this issue. I’m a third-generation Lutheran pastor, and I share my life and ministry with my beloved partner, Christopher ... I ask your prayers for me, refusing to be banished from this church.”

• Connie Scharlau, La Crosse Area Synod: “Each of us must humbly acknowledge that we might be wrong.”


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