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Hurricane Katrina: Ready help in Houston

Forced from their ruined homes in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, evacuees find hospitality and help throughout the Houston area. Filling grocery sacks with food at the East Fort Bend [County] Human Needs Ministry was a welcome task for these friends and family members (from right, first row) Alberta Tobias, Michelle Joseph, Janice Garner, Latasha Harris, Patricia Simmons, and (from right, back row) Troy Simmons, holding Troy Jr. They also received vouchers for clothing at the ministry’s resale shop. Sharon and Don Fought (left), members of New Hope Lutheran, Missouri City, Texas, regularly volunteer at the ministry, which is supported by area congregations. They estimate that by Sept. 2 some 100 evacuee families already had received food and clothing at the ministry—before heading on to area motels and private homes where they would live for the next several weeks.


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