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Hurricane Katrina:
For worship and congregations

Hurricane Katrina: Prayers, reflections and devotions

Visit the ELCA Disaster Response page for "Prayers in the Wake of Katrina," a Grace Matters program on God's will in disaster, a hymn for worship in the wake of a hurricane and a "Litany of Commitment to Accompany After Disasters".

Worship resources for Sunday, Sept. 11.

The current Hunger Guide for Congregations (ISBN6-0002-0431-0), pp. 8-9, offers suggestions and helps to focus on Domestic Disaster Response on Sunday, Sept. 11. Worship and prayer resources are being collected and are/will be posted on www.elca.org/disaster .

Pew envelopes

Disaster Response pew envelopes (ISBN6-0002-0399-3) are available through Augsburg Fortress, Publishers, (800-328-4648, www.augsburgfortress.org/elcahunger).

Bulletin inserts

Need reproducible inserts for your church bulletin or newsletter? Find them online at www.elca.org/disaster; congregations will receive the disaster alert postcard in the mail early in September.

Send prayer and worship suggestions

Send prayers and worship resources written for Hurricane Katrina recovery to Barbara Berry-Bailey (Barbara.berry-bailey@elca.org). These resources will be featured at www.elca.org/disaster .

Submit your stories and photos

Send photographs/captions and stories to Sue Edison-Swift (sue.edison-swift@elca.org).

Sue Edison-Swift contributed to this list of resources.


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