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Hurricane Katrina: Volunteer opportunities

Skilled and certified search and rescue volunteers are needed now. If this is your area of expertise, please send your contact information and a short skill summary immediately to ddr@elca.org to be forwarded to the appropriate agencies.

In the coming weeks and months, there will be a huge need for volunteers to help with recovery efforts. Watch www.elca.org/disaster for volunteer opportunities. Now aid workers need your patience, gifts and prayers as they work to access difficult-to-reach areas, assess needs, and set up ways to best provide short-term and long-term assistance for victims of Hurricane Katrina.


Dorothy Barber-thomas

Dorothy Barber-thomas

Posted at 12:00 pm (U.S. Eastern) 8/31/2009

Please assist me with information on how myself and my daughter can come and assist with the rebuilding of New Orleans.  We would like to plan to come in the month of October.


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