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Hurricane Katrina: Financial gifts

To make financial gifts to the recovery effort, send checks to ELCA Domestic Disaster Response, P.O. Box 71764, Chicago, IL 60694-1764. To give by credit card, call (800) 638-3522 or visit the ELCA Web site at: www.elca.org/giving. One hundred percent of gifts designated for “Hurricane Katrina” will be used for emergency and long-term recovery.

Are you a Thrivent member? If you’d like Thrivent to give $1 for every $2 you give (up to $300 per individual donor and up to a total of $2 million nationwide), download and complete a Thrivent Financial Hurricane Katrina Response Form at www.thrivent.com/fraternal/katrina.html. You can also call Thrivent at (800) 236-3736.


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