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Hurricane coverage


A haven amid many waters
“Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it”
By Ben McDonald Coltvet

A view from the ground   (ADDED 10.04.2005)
‘Spirit of God thick’ as relief, repair go on
By Steve Timm

After Katrina
A reflection on lessons for Sept. 5
By Julie Ryan

Caring for the children

Congregations in peril, pastors in need

ELCA colleges offer tuition for students displaced by Katrina

From 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina
ELCA pastor organizes ministry response to tragedies
By Monica W. Perin

In Houston, family connections and quilts
By Monica W. Perin

'Just a gumbo of wood and bricks and mortar'
Bay St. Louis, Miss., is my hometown
By Gregory Favre

Once lost, now found
Lutheran social services staff find missing seniors, families
By Elizabeth Hunter

Prayers from their ‘exile’
By Monica W. Perin

‘Reach down and show mercy’
By Monica W. Perin

Ready help in Houston

Words from an Angel
She’s far from Mississippi’s ravaged coast, but her heart is there
By Gregory Favre


Financial gifts

For worship and congregations

Letter from Presiding Bishop Hanson


Share your story with The Lutheran

Volunteer opportunities


The Lutheran staffers blog about Katrina


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