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A member of the Young Adult Convocation
A member of the Young Adult Convocation follows Gabi Aelabouni (right) as he leads a prayer in Arabic during the group’s presentation to the Churchwide Assembly.
For the more than 60 Young Adult Convocation participants, the metaphor of a growing plant helped them trace their faith this week.

“Being rooted in the waters of our baptism, nurtured and grown in the faith throughout our childhood, we have now reached an age of varying branches,” Kristina Garabedian, Sierra Pacific Synod, told the assembly.

“As we are pruned and grafted into discipleship we yearn for further opportunities to serve God and God’s creation.”

This grounding and growing helped the young adults confront issues such asstereotypes, congregational conflict, civil disobedience, global outreach and advocacy, social justice, young adults in the church, vocation, worship styles and networking.

The young adults commended the assembly for approving a churchwide restructure that includes a position for young adult ministries. They also challenged synods to send at least one voting member between the ages of 19-30 to the next assembly.

“We are the branches of the great tree that is the body of Christ,” said Tim Haggett, Metropolitan Washington Synod. “We want to become a primary part of the decision-making process of this church.”


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