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Memorials, Reference & Counsel

Six recommendations from the Memorials Committee were approved Saturday afternoon by voting members:

• Bioethical research—called for development of a social statement that addresses theological, ethical, public and pastoral challenges arising from developments in genetics for possible consideration by the 2011 Churchwide Assembly (792-69).

• Refugees, asylum-seekers and immigrants—referred to the Division for Church in Society for implementation, in consultation with the Conference of Bishops and Lutheran Immigration and RefugeeService (805-57).

• Faithful conversation about Scripture—referred the call to address “foundational issues” of the authority of Scripture and principles of biblical interpretation for a report to the April 2006 meeting of the Church Council (757-123).

• Mission support covenant—referred the request that the Conference of Bishops encourage each synod to maintain or increase its current percentage of mission support (777-86).

• HIV and AIDS education—referred the request that the Division of Church in Society collaborate with the Lutheran AIDS Network, the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance and others to encourage education and advocacy (880-34).

• Licensed lay ministers and weddings—referred the request that the ELCA amend its documents to authorize licensed lay ministers to solemnize weddings in the congregations they serve, subject to laws of the state: 736-172.

Reference & Counsel

• Biblical principles for mission starts—referred a request that theological faculties at ELCA institutions study the biblical approach to starting mission congregations in preparation for a vote at the 2007 Churchwide Assembly on methodology for mission starts (842-14).

• Synodical bishops’ election procedures—referred the request for a study of procedures (723-157).

• Young adult Church Council members
—referred a request that at least two members of the Church Council be younger than 30 and two be younger than 24 at the time of their election (790-128).

• People with disabilities—referred the request to encourage and equip congregations and synods to encourage outreach to people with disabilities and inclusion of them at every level of the church, for report to the April 2006 Church Council meeting (867-31).


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