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Announcements (August 14, 2005)

Total participant count for the five days of the Board of Pensions’ Run, Walk ‘n’ Roll, water aerobics and Stretch ‘n’ Pray: 272. Forty-seven people participated all five days. Saturday’s statistics: Run, Walk ‘n’ Roll—98 people participated; water aerobics—eight; and Stretch ‘n’ Pray—20.

If you had asked for a customized LutherLink luggage tag, don’t forget to pick it up in the e-mail center.

Please use the Lutheran Ecumenical Representative Network and Department for Ecumenical Affairs to enhance local ecumenical work. Ecumenical agreements can’t bear much fruit without significant local manifestations of increased Christian friendship, partnership and cooperation.Whether in study groups, social ministries, worship, pilgrimages, fellowship events, joint programming, or shared facilities and personnel, day-to-day and down-to-earth results will be the evidence that Christ’s prayer for Christian unity is taking shape.

An ELCA Charitable Gift Annuity is the gift you give today that gives back to you for life—and then gives to ministries you have selected. This is a marvelous way to receive guaranteed income and still support your favorite ministries. For information, contact the ELCA Foundation: (800) 638,3522, Ext. 2970; www.elca.org/fo/annuity.html.

Susan McArver and John Largen will focus on “Diakonia: Discernments, History and Community” in a program sponsored by the ELCA Deaconess Community, Jan. 9-19, 2006, at the Lutheran Southern Seminary, Columbia, S.C. For more information, see www.deaconess-elca.org.


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