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Being Katie at the assembly

Suzanne Burke and Chris Duckworth of
Suzanne Burke and Chris Duckworth of Augsburg Fortress, Publishers, portray Katharina (von Bora) Luther and Martin Luther in the publisher’s display area at the assembly.
She’s a legend of Lutheranism. In fact, her last name is Luther. She’s Katharina (von Bora) Luther, brought to life at the Churchwide Assembly by Suzanne Burke of Augsburg Fortress, Publishers. And she’s been chatting up attendees between plenary sessions in the Augsburg Fortress display area.

“It’s kind of like working at Disney World, but without the handlers,” Burke says about wearing the Katie costume.

She said she was a bit hesitant when she was first approached to play the ex-nun and Martin Luther’s wife. But “once I found out there was a headdress involved, I was all for it,” she added.

Katie and Martin have been promoting The Lutheran Handbook, its related confirmation curriculum, and its adult curriculum, due out in December. The Lutheran Handbook has received significant press attention.

“It’s our best-selling book except for the Bible,” Burke said. “We’re on our fifth printing.”


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