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Commission eliminated; changes to 'The Lutheran'

In the restructuring proposal that was adopted Wednesday, the Commission for Women was eliminated. It’s the only unit to be entirely dissolved in the restructuring and leaves three churchwide employees without jobs.

An attempt was made to create a new program unit to continue justice work for women. In the new structure the commission’s work has been given to an interunit alliance in the churchwide organization.

Marcia Cox, Metropolitan Washington, D.C., Synod, told the assembly: “When it’s everybody’s job, it’s nobody’s job.” The motion for a new program unit failed 322-638.

Amendments that hold the Church Council accountable for women’s justice work and ask for a status report on women’s justice work at the 2007 assembly also passed.

Restructuring also moves The Lutheran to the new Communication Services unit.

It changes how the magazine editor is chosen. Previously the assembly elected the editor. Now the Church Council will approve the nomination. Several speakers indicated that since the magazine belongs “to the people of the ELCA,” the editor remain an assembly-elected position.

Bishop Philip Hougen, Southeastern Iowa Synod, said he spoke “reluctantly in favor” of the bylaw that places the selection of the editor with the council. “We suffer a loss when the election of the editor ... is taken away from the assembly. I would suggest we watch very carefully to make sure the editorial autonomy of The Lutheran is maintained.”


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